Full-service meat counter


Our full-service meat counter offers a selection of fresh hand cut meats including, fresh beef, chicken, pork and goat, as well as an array of seafood. As part of our commitment to quality, we offer Harris Ranch Beef. The majority of our meat is hand sliced in order to preserve the freshness of our products. Come try our popular marinated carne asada flap meat or adobo marinated chicken, perfect for outdoor grilling. We have a well experienced staff to help you in all your personal cooking needs or to answer any questions you may have about our meat selections
Produce table


Whether you’re making a salad or salsa you’ll always find the freshest fruits & vegetables in our Produce department at everyday competitive prices. You'll also find specialty produce items like fresh chiles, plantain bananas, papaya, chayote squash, jicama, yucca root, nopales, and much more. Our stores receive fresh produce daily to ensure that your meals have the highest freshness and taste. In addition to fresh produce we also carry a wide variety of packaged and bulk dried chiles, a necessity for any made from scratch mole or salsa.


In addition to carrying the name brands you would expect at any neighborhood grocery store, Chavez Supermarket specializes in offering many Mexican brands of products including jalapeños, salsas, rice, beans, soft drinks, cookies, candies, and many other grocery items needed to prepare traditional homemade meals. Additionally, we carry an extensive variety of goods from El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, and Brazil.
Pan Dulce


In order to guarantee the very best quality pan dulce, or Mexican sweet bread, Chavez Supermarket operates its own bakery. Our baked goods include the famous conchas, orejas, novias, tortugas, cuernitos, picones, and many others. You’ll also find freshly baked bolillos and teleras as well as delicious Mexican cookies. Chavez Supermarket also offers cakes, Mexican flan, and parfait gelatins for all your special events and celebrations. Offering the delicious and famous tres leches or traditional flavored cakes beautifully decorated with colorful designs. Choose from designs featuring your favorites characters or customer your own design. For more information on ordering a cake, please contact one of our store locations.


Chavez Supermarket owns and operates its own Tortilla Factory inside the McKee Rd, San Jose location where fresh white corn tortillas, chips, and masa for tortillas or tamales are made fresh daily. Using a specifically calculated cooking temperature, speed, and recipe along with the best corn flour masa we are able to a delicious corn tortilla. When reheating you will be amazed how our tortillas inflate just like homemade tortillas. We also produce our own home-style corn tortilla chips perfectly paired with our authentic salsas and guacamole. In our deli area you will find fresh masa for corn tortillas and fresh premixed masa for tamales.
Taqueria Dining


Inside Chavez Supermarket you’ll find our famous Taqueria which offers an extensive menu of authentic dishes inspired by the flavors of Mexico. All of our dishes are made to the highest standards using the same quality ingredients offered in our stores. Menu choices range from classic tacos and burritos to more traditional dishes such as tortas, tamales, enchiladas and more. We also serve Menudo every Saturday and Sunday. Chavez Supermarket can provide meals for any occasion or event. Our authentic Mexican food is prepared with the experience and quality that has made our Taqueria so popular.
Financial Services

Financial Services

For your convenience Chavez Supermarket offers check cashing as a reasonable rate as well as wire transfer services. We are proudly partnered with Western Union, Orlandi Valuta, and Vigo to send or receive almost anywhere in the world. Other services include money orders, bill payment, and electronic phone top-ups.

Now Hiring

Chavez Supermarket offers many employment opportunities that encourage learning in a friendly environment. We are always looking for individuals who have the drive to succeed and to help us better serve our customers as part of the Chavez Supermarket family.

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