Fresh Meats & Seafood


Our full-service meat counter offers a selection of fresh hand cut meats including, fresh beef, chicken, pork and goat, as well as an array of seafood. As part of our commitment to quality, we offer Harris Ranch Beef. The majority of our meat is hand sliced in order to preserve the freshness of our products. Come try our popular marinated carne asada flap meat or adobo marinated chicken, perfect for outdoor grilling. We have a well experienced staff to help you in all your personal cooking needs or to answer any questions you may have about our meat selections.

Featuring Harris Ranch Beef

Harris Ranch Carne de Res - Legendaria Carne de Res.

Chavez Supermarket is proud to offer our customers a product of exceptional quality raised to our exacting standards - California Grown Harris Ranch Beef.

  • California grown, fed and processed
  • Grain fed for superior flavor, tenderness and juiciness
  • Cattle feed tested to ensure it is free of pesticide residues
  • Finished beef tested for antibiotic residues above USDA standards


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